What I Learned: Week 20

  1. Ruben Darío wrote a short story about Don Quixote.
  2. The Apple Store in Plaza del Sol was previously a favorite cafe/bar of modernist writers.
  3. At this cafe, writer Ramon del Valle-Inclán once got in a fight that eventually led to his left hand being amputated. At some point after, when asked about how he felt about losing his hand, he replied “Eh, I write with my right hand.”
  4. The oldest, still standing, structure in Madrid is a door next to a church where cloistered nuns sell cookies.
  5. Some medium/long distance busses have tvs on the back of the seats like in airplanes.
  6. Fra Angelico painted two versions of La Anunciación which show his development as a painter, and the development of perspective in paintings.
  7. The Sierra de Guadarrama mountains are always beautiful.

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