A Break Before Finals

This past weekend, my housemate Olivia and I went to the loj as caretakers. When we arrive Friday night there was barely any snow on the ground, but it started snowing Saturday afternoon, and continued into the night with a total of 4-5 inches. It was especially exciting because it was the first (real) snow … Continue reading A Break Before Finals


Last Hike Before Winter

Even though Tufts Admissions doesn't officially say that we're quirky anymore, whoever designed Tufts' Academic Calendar still thinks so. One of their favorite habits is observing a federal holiday (that would normally fall on a weekend) on Friday, and to make up for the missed Friday classes, they swap our Friday schedule for a Tuesday. … Continue reading Last Hike Before Winter

Cambridge Half Marathon

On Sunday, I ran the Cambridge Half Marathon in 1 hour 48 minutes and 52 seconds!  We started near MIT, and wound our way through the residential area behind their campus for the first few miles until we joined the river at Harvard. From there, we ran along the Charles until we reached Watertown, where … Continue reading Cambridge Half Marathon


A ~spooky~ Halloween

Even though many of the Halloween celebrations on campus happened last weekend, and by the time it was Tuesday it felt like Halloween had already happened, I still can't believe it's November! The year seems to be flying by, and the unseasonably warm weather (70 degrees today!) certainly isn't helping. To get ourselves in the … Continue reading A ~spooky~ Halloween


It’s (finally) Looking Like Fall

It was an unusually cool summer in Boston (or so I was told), but it's been a weirdly warm fall so far. Even in late October, it's still 70 degrees, so it hasn't exactly felt like fall. Unfortunately, the weird weather has meant that the leaves are mostly still green (or have already turned brown … Continue reading It’s (finally) Looking Like Fall


A Presidential Traverse

Two weeks ago, I asked my body to do the what is probably the hardest thing I've ever done. Four friends and I decided to hike a Presidential Range traverse, which means that we hiked up and over all the mountains in the Presidential Range in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. In just under … Continue reading A Presidential Traverse


New York in One Day

  Some of our friends from Spain came to visit, and since they had come all the way to America, they wanted to see New York City. Due to some unfortunate scheduling conflicts (aka class and meetings), we couldn't all stay overnight, so we decided to do the whole trip in one day. We left … Continue reading New York in One Day