Day 16-17 Cuerres – Nueva – San Esteban de Leces

The casco histórico (historic center) of Gijón After a great breakfast of fresh bread and muffins, my American friend and I said our goodbyes (almost everyone else we had been walking with was opting for the Camino Primitivo or heading home) and headed back to Nueva to do the coastal alternative route we had skipped … Continue reading Day 16-17 Cuerres – Nueva – San Esteban de Leces


Day 14-15 Colombres – Llanes – Cuerres:

From Colombres, I continued down the road to the coast and followed the coastline for many kilometers of great trails and views. I took my time since I was happy to finally be off the road and on a trail! Despite some drizzle, I stopped at the Bufónes de Arenillas (blowholes) but the ocean was … Continue reading Day 14-15 Colombres – Llanes – Cuerres: