Zaragoza in Pictures


La Catedral-Basilica Nuestra Señora del Pilar


Christie and I with the cathedral in the background.


Our group + the cathedral


The view of the cathedral from the Puente de Piedra


The roof of the cathedral is not (surprise!) made of red tiles!


The Aljefería – a medieval Islamic palace taken over (and expanded) by the Spanish kings that is still used for regional government


An inner courtyard at the Aljefería


A doorway in the Aljefería in the “mudejar” style which combines medieval Arabic and Christian motifs

This weekend, some friends and a I took a quick trip to Zaragoza. We didn’t know much about the city, but we thought that the pictures on google were pretty. The city is about halfway between Madrid and Barcelona, so many tourists stop there briefly while traveling between the two big cities. Zaragoza is also popular because it is the birthplace of Francisco Goya. We found that though rainy (it has been raining pretty much every weekend since I’ve been back), the city was full of tiny, winding streets, gorgeous cathedrals, and an interesting mix of Arabic and Christian art.


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