Oporto, Portugal in Pictures


Street art in Oporto, Portugal


The homes along the river front


A view of the historical center of Oporto


Along the river


“Pastel de Nata” a traditional, custard tart


A francesinha sandwich: a typical sandwich of Oporto made of two slices of white bread filled with every type of meat imaginable, encased in cheese, served in a tomato soup/sauce


A stand at the Mercado do Bolhão


A view of the historic center of Oporto from across the river


Oporto, Portugal

After a weekend in Segovia and a weekend in Barcelona, my friends and I had one more trip planned before a few weekends of relaxation in Madrid. We spent last weekend in Oporto, Portugal! It was an incredibly beautiful city of colorful architecture, intricate tiles, winding streets, and open plazas. There’s a river, a beach, great food, and (what appear to be) happy people. I went to Oporto with very few expectations, knowing almost nothing about the city, and came back with a renewed eagerness to travel, a new appetite for egg tarts, and a desire to return to Portugal.


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