What I Learned: Week 8

  1. Even though it looks really dry, and everyone says it is really dry in Spain, sometimes it rains a lot.
  2. People in Spain don’t dress for the weather, more for the season which means big winter coats because it’s October even though it’s still 70 degrees .
  3. People will sit outside at terrazas in these big winter coats at night even when it gets chilly.
  4. Frida (the movie with Selma Hayek) is really well done.
  5. Some science classes in Spain have a different schedule every, single week. They say this is to accommodate labs, but I think it’s just to drive the students crazy…
  6. Trick-or-treating has become trendy in Spain because “Spaniards love to celebrate things!” (according to my host brother).
  7. 8 weeks goes by really fast.

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