Last Hike Before Winter


A scenic lookout point at the summit


The view from the top!


My housemate and I picked this (surprisingly cold) rock as our spot for lunch


My friend Sara finally came to the Loj with me!!

Even though Tufts Admissions doesn’t officially say that we’re quirky anymore, whoever designed Tufts’ Academic Calendar still thinks so. One of their favorite habits is observing a federal holiday (that would normally fall on a weekend) on Friday, and to make up for the missed Friday classes, they swap our Friday schedule for a Tuesday. Since Veteran’s Day was a Saturday this year, we held our Friday classes on Tuesday of that week, but the vast majority of Tufts students don’t have class on Friday, so we all ended up with an uncomfortable week of classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

I decided to make use of the day off to go on one last hike at the Loj before it gets snowy. My friend Sara had never been, so my housemate and I decided that since she has a car, it was the perfect opportunity for her to check something off her senior-year bucket list. We decided to hike Mt. Passaconaway, a 4,000 foot mountain in the Sandwich range. Even though the first (and last) 2.5 miles were almost completely flat, the remaining 4 miles were surprisingly steep and rocky. It was a quick trip (up and back in about 24 hours) but a great reminder of how close, and easy, it is to get into the mountains from Boston!


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