A ~spooky~ Halloween


Step 1: carve pumpkins


Step 2: display carved pumpkins (mine is on the right in case you weren’t sure)


Step 3: carve more pumpkins!


Step 4: illuminate pumpkins


Festive, Halloween cookies baked for our downstairs neighbors


Some pretty leaves I found on a run

Even though many of the Halloween celebrations on campus happened last weekend, and by the time it was Tuesday it felt like Halloween had already happened, I still can’t believe it’s November! The year seems to be flying by, and the unseasonably warm weather (70 degrees today!) certainly isn’t helping.

To get ourselves in the ~spooky~ spirit, we decorated our front porch, and to make up for the past three years, I actually carved two separate pumpkins! For the first, we trekked all the way uphill to an event that was carving pumpkins in the common space of one of the dorms, and the second I did in a friend’s basement. We even found candles to put in the pumpkins, and we were pleasantly surprised to get four trick-or-treaters, adorably dressed as superheroes, princesses, and animals. Now that Halloween is over, we’re almost ready for the final push to the end of the semester, but aren’t quite ready for Thanksgiving and definitely not yet Christmas.


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