New York in One Day


Our first stop was the Brooklyn Bridge!


The view from the Staten Island very is arguably the most cost-effective way to see the Statue of Liberty


One World Trade Center Place


The Spaniards were especially interested in the skyscrapers like the Flatiron Building


We stopped for $1 slices of pizza in Greenwich Village


Times Square


L to R: Ania (Tufts student), Christie (Tufts student), Laura (Spaniard), me, Jose (Spaniard)


I made sure to go to my favorite ice cream place: Momofuku Milk Bar!


Our last stop was picking up Chinese takeout in Chinatown



It was a long, but really fun day!

Some of our friends from Spain came to visit, and since they had come all the way to America, they wanted to see New York City. Due to some unfortunate scheduling conflicts (aka class and meetings), we couldn’t all stay overnight, so we decided to do the whole trip in one day. We left Tufts around 5am, and arrived at our parking garage ($20 for the whole day!) near the Brooklyn Bridge by 10am. We walked about halfway across the bridge, then headed to the Staten Island Ferry, for the incredible views of the Statue of Liberty. We spent the rest of the day walking uptown (and stopping along the way to eat and see the sights) all the way to Central Park.

Interestingly, when we stopped to see the World Trade Center memorial, the Spaniards said they felt that they understand how tragic the attacks were for America after seeing the memorial. The Spaniards were also especially interested in all the skyscrapers (not just the Empire State and Flatiron Buildings, but the average buildings) because there are only 4 skyscrapers in all of Madrid. We were also surprised to see how excited the Spaniards were when we walked by the side of Rockefeller Center with Jimmy Fallon’s name in lights.

We tried to keep the day as American as possible by stopping a Dunkin Donuts in the morning, eating $1 pizza (Jose had a hot dog too!) and ice cream for lunch, and take-out Chinese food for dinner, which we decided was okay since we walked 13 miles total. Overall, it was great not just to get to see our friends, but to explore such a fantastic city with them!


2 thoughts on “New York in One Day

  1. John Fishkind says:

    I worked in NYC for over 30 years and I am very impressed with how much of the NY experience you had in one whirlwind day..I did a lot of walking since NY is basically a walking city but I never logged 13 m iles in one day. Very impressive.


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