Granada in Pictures


The first courtyard in the Nasrid Palaces


Columns and arches in the Court of Lions


A courtyard in the Nasrid Palaces



A floor tile


A view of the intricate wall coverings


The view of Granada our a window in the palace


Another courtyard in the palace


Some of the incredible flowers in the gardens around the palaces

Our next stop after Greece was Granada. Nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada is a small city in southern Spain best known for being the last outpost of the Moors in Spain. The main attraction in Granada is la Alhambra, a giant palace/fortress/garden complex. We spent an entire day exploring la Alhambra and its numerous, beautiful nooks, crannies, and courtyards topped off with an incredible 16-plate dinner paired with wines. It was a quick stop, but I was glad to finally get to see Granada at it’s prettiest time of year!

Side note:

After Granada, we spent a night in Valencia where the big highlight was the large quantity of calamari consumed by two non-calamari-lovers, and the plates of paella bigger than all our heads combined.


Traditional Valencia paella with chicken, rabbit, snails, and some veggies


Vegetable paella for us vegetarians!


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