What I Learned: Week 29

  1. Tent caterpillars walk in straight lines by “holding on” to each other.
  2. In April, a new type of shrimp was discovered in the Pacific, and named Synalpheus pinkfloydi.
  3. The shrimp was named after Pink Floyd because it has a distinctive red/pink claw.
  4. Madrid shoe stores don’t sell open-toed, sandals with a 1.5(ish) inch heel.
  5. Despite having just been out of town for Semana Santa, many Madrileños leave the city for the Puente de Mayo (May 1 and 2 are holidays.)
  6. But because May 1 is a holiday in the whole country (and other countries in Europe), lots of tourists come to Madrid.
  7. A school-year in Spain goes by really fast.

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