What I Learned: Week 27

***This post disappeared into the depths of wordpress (which I still don’t really understand how to use), and was rediscovered today! I do know how to count, I just wanted to leave the title the same***

  1. Some grocery stores in Spain have machines that slice bread for you (so you can pick out the “artisanal” loaf you want, and put it in the machine yourself to get it sliced).
  2. Aldi and Lidl are two very similar (German) grocery stores that people have very strong feelings about.
  3. Chocolate Easter bunnies are sold in Spain.
  4. Spongebob in Spain is called Esponja Bob.
  5. Spaniards basically make their own version of French toast at Easter that is called Torrijas but eaten for dessert.
  6. Memorizing 70+ fish/sea creatures full Latin and (Spanish) common names in three days is not fun.
  7. Spaniards leave their winter coats and boots on even when it’s warm just because it “isn’t spring yet.”

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