What I Learned: Week 28

  1. April 23 is Día de San Jordi in Spain (mostly celebrated in Barcelona), and is somewhat similar to our Valentine’s Day.
  2. But they also celebrate Valentine’s Day (mainly because it’s an excuse for Spaniards to celebrate, and they’re influenced by a many American traditions.
  3. It’s also known as Día de las Rosas and Día del Libro, so they celebrate books and decorate things with roses.
  4. Spaniards are worried about the election in France
  5. Because they’re worried that if Le Pen wins France might try to leave the EU.
  6. There’s a Museo de America full of (stolen) objects from North/Central/South American indigenous cultures.
  7. There are frescos painted by Goya in a church in Madrid that is open to the public for viewing.

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