Malaga in Pictures


When my bus arrived in Malaga, I went straight to the beach to meet my friends, and saw this on the way


The view during my run



The view from the Castillo Gibralfaro


Our adorable airbnb was in this building (we were the window with all the laundry)




The Semana Santa Processions


One of the floats at the Semana Santa processions


Proof that I went in the ocean!

After the weekend in Santa Cruz del Valle, I went home for a night, then took a bus to Malaga. I met some friends (who had been traveling through Andalucía) at the beach, and we spent almost three days relaxing, sunbathing, and as they say in Spain “disfrutando.” My friends indulged my desire to cook, and let me cook them breakfast and dinner in our adorable airbnb that was approximately 5 minutes from the ocean. In addition to lounging, we visited the Castillo Gibralfaro and the Museo Picasso Malaga. Despite the swarms of tourists coming off cruise ships and busses to explore the Costa del Sol, it was a sunny, warm, first stop on my trip, I only wish I could have stayed longer.



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