Santa Cruz del Valle, part 2


The Sierra de Guadarrama in the distance still had a little bit of snow!


San Esteban del Valle


Spring has sprung in Santa Cruz del Valle!


One of the oldest buildings in Santa Cruz del Valle


The church in San Esteban del Valle


A block on the church in San Esteban showing that it was finished in 1537


A bridge built in the Middle Ages in Arenas de San Pedro


The castle in Arenas de San Pedro


Some vineyards, and San Esteban del Valle in the background


A “float” to be carried in the local Semana Santa processions (at first I thought it contained a dead body, but it was just a sculpture)


The sunset over the Sierra de Guadarrama

I started off my spring break travels with a weekend in my host family’s pueblo (and one of my favorite places I’ve visited in Spain): Santa Cruz del Valle. The tiny town is nestled in a valley in the Sierra de Guadarrama about 2 hours north-west of Madrid. We went on a few hikes, and my host family also showed me around the nearby, larger town Arenas de San Pedro. It’s still incredible to think that there are buildings in these towns that have existed since the Middle Ages, and rather than tear them down to build more modern buildings, they just add on and repair the existing structures. Despite many of the younger people leaving the towns to find work in Madrid, they remain a time-capsule of old Spain, where everyone is a cousin or aunt or uncle, you buy wine from the neighbor, and church services are played throughout the town via a speaker system. Overall, it was an incredibly beautiful and relaxing weekend, and great way to start off a long trip!


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