What I Learned: Week 27

I think I might have missed posting a list for last week. It’s Semana Santa here in Spain, so I’ve be traveling to Malaga, Prague, Budapest, Faro, and Sevilla. 

  1. If a statue on a bridge is of a man with 5 stars above his head it’s John of Nepomuck. 
  2. He became the patron saint of bridges in the Czech Republic after being thrown off one. 
  3. Most buildings in Prague have 2 sets of numbers because they decided the first set of “historical” numbering was too confusing (it had something to do with the date the building was constructed, not really anything to do with the location).
  4. Easter markets exist!
  5. And they’re almost as great as Christmas markets (it’s not so cold, but there are no festive Christmas lights). 
  6. The houses of the aristocracy in Prague were (and currently are) rented by the government so that parliament/government officials can have offices in pretty buildings. 
  7. All the heat the rest of Spain has been missing is in Sevilla right now (the high tomorrow is supposed to be 89).

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