Galicia in Pictures, part 2


The view of the Ria in front of our hotel


O Grove, Galicia, España


Combarro, Galicia, España


Spider Crabs seen at La Lonja do Grove


The tide pools at



The water was an incredible shade of blue


The tide pools were full of giant starfish like this


Los mejores Americanos!


The view from the Mirador de Siradella looking out at la isla de la Toja


Made friends with a frog


He didn’t even try to jump away!


Grainy sunset 🙂


Our last day was at this beach


Our cruise was a little rainy…


…but they gave us fresh seafood.


Typical tapas (Pulpo y Navajas = Octopus and Razor Clams)


Los Americanos!

This week, my Universidad de Alcalá class went to O Grove, Galicia. Given that it’s a marine biology class, and we don’t have access to an any large body of water here in Madrid, it made sense for us to spend the week collecting and studying specimens on the western coast of Spain. Even though we were supposed to have constant rain during the trip, we ended up with beautiful, sunny days Tuesday and Wednesday. After an almost 10 hour bus ride, we arrived to the tiny town of O Grove. Early Tuesday morning we headed to an estuary to collect worms and other species that live underground. In the afternoon, we went to a big fish market to see the locally caught seafood. Wednesday, we went to a rocky beach to explore the tide pools. We collected starfish, crabs, and all sorts of other critters. On Thursday, we spent the morning at a sandy beach collecting shells and plants. After lunch, we took a (rainy) boat ride into the ocean where we tasted fresh mussels. Friday morning we headed back to Madrid. Overall, it was an incredible experience to spend the week away from Madrid with a so many Spaniards.


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