What I Learned: Week 22

  1. Spaniards still wear winter coats in March even when it’s 65 degrees.
  2. There’s a phrase in Spain that roughly translates to “you can’t put your coat away until May in Spain” because they say it can still be cold through April (or maybe because the “season” starts in May).
  3. The different kinds of plankton have evolved to form their own self-sufficient food chain, but it fits in with the larger web of how all the organisms in the ocean work together.
  4. El Greco presented his paintings to the King of Spain, but the King hated them and banished El Greco to Toledo.
  5. At one point, El Greco also offered to repaint the Sistine Chapel, because the church was unhappy Michelangelo painted nude figures.
  6. Movies in Spain are much more understandable with subtitles instead of dubbing.
  7. Moonlight deserved the Oscar more than La La Land.

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