Segovia, take 2


Still as pretty in winter


The Roman Aqueduct doesn’t have any mortar holding it together!



The Alcázar of Segovia + Segovia


The Bell Tower at the Cathedral


The Segovia Cathedral was the last gothic cathedral built in Spain

Last weekend, I went back to Segovia with some of the new students. My previous visit had been with the program, so we had a guide to show us the most important parts of the city and explain the history. This time, we were on our own to move at our own pace, spend as long (or as short) as we wanted in each monument, and climb all the towers we wanted. We started the day with coffee at a cafe. Once the drizzle stopped, we moved on to the aqueduct. After numerous photo-ops, we toured to the Alcázar. Built in Medieval times, the Alcázar was a residence of the Castillian kings (before Spain was a country), and today is full of art and suits of armor. We climbed the tower to see the view of the Cathedral before heading for a quick lunch, then to the Cathedral. We opted for the guided tour (it was the only way to see the bell tower), which consisted of a variety of videos about the life of the bellringer, a tour of the bellringer’s apartment, and climbing to the top of the tower. Nearly frozen from the wind, we stopped to churros (and accidentally ordered a plate of 100 olives) before heading back to Madrid.


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