Galicia in Pictures


The view from Vigo across the bay to Cangas


Dinosaur topiary in Vigo!


Baiona, Galicia, España


The view from the Castillo de Monterreal


My host brother’s friend and I at the Castle


Looking across the bay in Baiona


Last week, my host brother and his friends went to spend 5 days at their grandparents apartment in Vigo, Galicia to celebrate the end of exams. Since my classes hadn’t yet started, they invited me along. Though we spent a day in Santiago de Compostela (the traditional end of the Camino de Santiago or Way of St. James), the highlight was definitely going to the beach town of Baiona where a 12th century castle sits on a small peninsula, surrounded by large waves crashing on striking, dark rocks that slowly blend into patches of bright green grass. Though the castle was inhabited by Romans, Visigoths, Muslims, and Catholics, it is most important because it was supposedly where the news of the “discovery” of America was first brought. Though rainy, it was a relaxing, and authentically Spanish, long weekend.


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