Winter Break 2016


A genuine Belgian waffle topped with Speculoos in Brussels.


The main square in Brussels. The buildings surrounding the square used to belong to different guilds which is why they are all of different architectural styles.


Reunited with Emelie and waffles in Brussels!


St. James Square in Cologne, Germany.


The Cologne Cathedral might be even more impressive than the Notre Dame…


The Cologne Cathedral and its famous Christmas market.


When in Germany, you have to eat a pretzel


The Christmas market is in the shape of a star with the stalls forming five points. The canopy of lights follow the stalls to make it feel like a dream.


A rainy day in Valencia, Spain.


After I took my finals and handed in my papers, I began my winter break with a quick trip to prepare me for Christmas. I started by visiting a friend in Belgium, then headed to Cologne for the Christmas markets, and ended in Valencia before coming back to the US via a few days in Madrid. It was a whirlwind of a trip that ended up back in St. Louis and South Carolina, but was full of friends, family, and sweet treats; just as Christmas should be!


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