What I learned: Week 15

*I have spent the past 9 days traveling in Italy with a friend from the program*

  1. Italians walk more slowly than Parisians, but faster than Spaniards.
  2. Venice doesn’t have Sicilian cannolis. (They have small fried dough shells filled with pastry cream that they call cannoli)
  3. Bologna has over 40 km of Porticoes.
  4. They were originally built very quickly, as a way to allow the buildings to expand out over the street. Today, they are nominated as a UNESCO world heritage site, and many of them have intricate paintings or artwork.
  5. The Duomo in Florence is just as incredible as the pictures make it seem.
  6. Gusta Pizza in Florence is the best pizza in the world.
  7. Eating pizza and pasta for 9 days gets tiring…I’m ready for more vegetables.

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