Bilbao in Pictures


Bilbao, Spain


New England inspired fall colors in La Rioja


One of the many small towns we drove through between Madrid and Logroño


A bodega in La Rioja


Bilbao, Spain


Bilbao, Spain


The Guggenheim Musem


Bilbao, Spain

This past weekend, the program took us to Logroño and Bilbao to experience northern Spain. We started in Logroño (the capital of the Rioja region) where we visited a vineyard and bodega, tasted traditional pintxos, and explored the small city. The next morning, we went to Bilbao, the largest city in the province País Vasco. We were amazed at how different from Madrid this city and the surroundings looked. Many of the buildings could have fit in perfectly in the mountains of France or Germany. Along with visiting the Guggenheim and a cruise on the river, we ventured to a smaller town outside Bilbao to learn about traditional Basque culture (also called Vaso or Euskera in the local language). Despite the rain, it was a great escape from the center of Spain!


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