The Segovia Cathedral: a Gothic cathedral built in the 16th century


The Roman Aqueduct of Segovia built in the 2nd century.


The Aqueduct and the Walls of Segovia built when the city was retaken from the Arabs.


The Alcazár of Segovia: a royal palace that inspired Walt Disney.


The Templar Iglesia Vera Cruz built in the 12th century to hold a piece of the “True Cross.”


Friends and the view from the tower of the Alcazár.


One of the many, many churches in Segovia.


The Plaza Mayor of Segovia (and another church).


A view of Segovia.


The Segovia Cathedral.

Last week, I got to visit the town of Segovia. I’m slowly discovering that many of the towns and small cities in Spain appear just as they may have looked hundreds of years ago. The buildings in Segovia are especially well preserved, with the aqueduct dating from the 2nd century AD still standing (though no longer bringing water to the town). Perched on a hill between mountains, Segovia is a maze of winding, cobblestone streets that open up into plazas centered around ancient churches. Though the main draw of Segovia today is tourism, the city retains a distinct charm, and is proud to show-off its centuries old history to the world.


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