What I learned: Week 4

  1. The (former) King of Spain, Juan Carlos, made sure that there was room for his parents to be buried at El Escorial where the other parents of kings are buried even though they were not directly the Spanish royal family.
  2. At El Escorial, the queens who did not give birth to sons who became kings are buried separately from the queens who gave birth to sons.
  3. It’s common for three or four weddings to happen in one day at the Royal Basilica of El Escorial.
  4. On a nice weekend night, it appears that the entire city goes for a walk at Madrid Rio (the linear park that runs alongside the river).
  5. There are mountains about an hour away from Tufts via train.
  6. A bad tour guide can ruin a tour of a nice place.
  7. The night bus between Alcalá and Madrid is very slow. It stops a lot. Like every 2-3 minutes.

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