El Valle de Cinco Pueblos

This weekend my host family took me to Santa Cruz del Valle, the pueblo where my host dad’s family is from. About an hour south of Ávila and two hours west of Madrid, the small town (300-400 people live there year round) is nestled in El Valle de Cinco Pueblos, a valley containing five small towns, between 8000 foot tall mountains. The oldest parts of the villages were built around the 14th century, but today the young people leave to find work in the bigger cities. What’s left is an incredibly picturesque, tight-knit community of unhurried people surrounded by fig trees, berry bushes, and cactus.


One thought on “El Valle de Cinco Pueblos

  1. empapado de lefa says:

    Me ha gustado este post, la verdad es que está bastante elaborada la forma de redactar, lo que permite disfrutar de la lectura. En una ocasión ví una cosa que hablaba de esto, y la verdad es que tambien me fascinó. Espero que continues redactando artículos tan impresionantes como este, puesto que voy a visitar constantemente tu blog.


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