What I learned: Week 1

Since I’m trying to learn something new everyday, I decided that I will share a list each week of what I’ve learned to hold myself accountable.

  1. It’s a custom in Spain to always say “hola” when you enter a space (like a room or shop) and “adios” when you leave to acknowledge that there are other people. But you do not do this when you get on a bus or train, that makes people uncomfortable.
  2. Someone’s identity can be made up of much more than just the place in which they were raised, or where they currently reside. By focusing on the naming (of countries states, cities, etc) we can very  easily close the doors of communication and lose the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the world around us due to each of our inherent biases and prejudices. Rather than discuss the physical locations we come from, we should focus on shared experiences across cultures and countries in order to have better conversations and learn more about our world. (for more about this idea see: https://www.ted.com/talks/taiye_selasi_don_t_ask_where_i_m_from_ask_where_i_m_a_local?language=en)
  3. The Madrid public transportation system is great. The trains and buses are on time, the stations are pretty, and everything is clean(!) unlike so many of the trains in Boston.

P.S. I arrived on Friday, so this week only has 3 instead of 7.


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