Taking the plunge!

Sometimes blogging seems overrated. Just about anyone can go online and create a blog about almost anything to publish their experiences with the world. But after my mom nagged me about starting a journal to commemorate my time abroad, and the rest of my family complained that the didn’t know how to communicate with me while I’m abroad, I decided that making a blog would be a happy medium to help me remember Spain and keep my family updated on my life in Madrid. IMG_5908

It still doesn’t quite feel real that I won’t be going back to Boston this fall. I’ve been wanting to study abroad since before I went to Tufts, and I’m so so excited to go to Spain, but somehow I still feel like my plane is going to take me back to the east coast instead of Europe. But mainly I’m excited to go meet new people, eat new food, and explore somewhere new!
My bags are packed (it fit in just one big, heavy suitcase)! My hair is cut! And I’m so excited and grateful for this new experience! See ya in December, America!



One thought on “Taking the plunge!

  1. Mary-Louise O'Brien says:

    Hola, congratulations and safe travels Katie! I look forward to seeing the photos of each of your bucket list items and know you’ll have the most amazing time x


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